We ask all the persons recognized by Rinpoche-la as “Dharma spreaders” and|or as His closest diciples to come to Je Tsongkapa(i) Ling as soon as possible, despite all the difficulties. Please check your mail to see whether you have received a personal invtation.

Ludwig Roemer




This is the site of Je Tsongkapa(i) Ling Buddhist College, founded by Ven. Khenpo Kyosang Rinpoche, a famous teacher of Dharma, a high lama of Tibetan Buddhism of Gelug lineage. (Our old mirror-site is now closed.)

The aim of this site is:
1 to invite to our studies (young) people who have a serious interest in Buddha’s Dharma and genuinely want to work for the enlightenment of all living beings;
2 to find sponsors and donators who want to support a famous teacher of Buddhism in Europe.

Je Tsongkapa Home is a Buddhist College, a retreat centre and a small monastery at the same time. Five close disciples, among them three ordained monks, live with Rinpoche constantly and care for His personal needs. The College also provides a “Buddhist teacher training” program, which includes traditional disciplines of a Buddhist monastic institute, such as Lamrim (steps to enlightenment), Prajnyaparamita (wisdom sutras), Pramana (logic), Madhyamika (the “middle way” philosophy), Abhidharma (the “higher” philosophy of Buddhism) and vinaya (“vowed morality”) as well as classes in meditation, tantra and ritual.

The College was situated in Alsace (France) until recent. Now we have moved to Germany.


The College doesn’t award any formal diplomas of high education to its graduates, for Rinpoche always says that the knowledge of the Holy Dharma and its applying in our everyday life is still far more important than any certificates. The main cause of Rinpoche’s avoiding formal diplomas is His wish to separate true altruistic students from people who wish to become a Buddhist education aiming his own selfish interests.

The studies are free, but we expect, that you pay for your board and lodging. Your donations are EXTREMELY welcome, too. Somebody must pay for Rinpoche’s hard work as well as care for His needs, and if you won’t do it, anybody else will have to donate twice more.

To enter the College you must pass an examination (usually it is an essay, written to a topic, chosen by Rinpoche). Female students are welcome as well. Your engagement in politics can be a serious obstacle for your studies.

The building has got electricity and WC, but NO central heating (as many Tibetan monasteries do). The climate here is mild, however, you must think about warm clothes, if you are going to stay here for a period of time. You must also be ready to share your room with another student(s), to give up watching TV and sexual life. The most of our students don’t live here and come only for the lessons.

The length of your studies may vary, it depends only on your personal motivation and efforts. Usually, it takes 3 years to cover all the subjects and to pass final exams.

At the end of your education, you can (at your own free wish) take vows of a novice monk (getsul) and be ordained. We hope that you will take bodhisattva vows after graduating from the College.

You can learn the schedule of classes and the way you can enter the College and get here, if you write at This is MY email, so I will read your mail first.

You also may write your short messages at +34 973 90 24 81. I will answer You as soon as I can. Please NO CALLS! Let silence reign in our college.

Khenpo Kyosang Rinpoche’s secretary,
Ludwig Roemer


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