Dear friends,

ath the general meeting, the following resoultions were passed:

1. Je Tsongkapa(i) Ling Buddhist College and Retreat center shall be renamed. The new name shall be JE TSONGKAPAI LING DHARMA CENTER

2. Ludwig Roemer is elected as the new president of the Je Tsongkapai Ling Dharma center.

The results of the Email were also counted.



Dear friends,

at the meeting helf on August 3rd it was resolved that Je Tsongkapa(i) 
Ling Buddhist can no longer exist as a Buddhist Institute because

(а) we cannot now pay the rent and electricity bills and

(b) after Rinpoche’s Passing Away, we have no competent lecturer for 
Lamrim and Tantra.

No other resolutions were passed because of the equal division of 

We suggest that everyone who regards himself or herself as a true 
disciple of Khenpo Kyosang Rinpoche takes part at the discussion and 
sends his or her vote to us by filling the Email voting form that you 
can download below as a pdf file or copy as plain text.

Please send your votes to

The voting ends on August 20, 2014

Truly yours,
Ludwig Roemer. Valerie Lambert  





for the general meeting of Kyosang Rinpoche’s disciples

Person making this declaration (last name, first name(s))

Country (if outside of Germany)


Signature (if a scanned copy is sent) or phone

1. Je Tsongkapa Ling Buddhist College shall be
        transformed into a Buddhist center

        transformed into a virtual Buddhist community
        other (specify)
2. The name of Je Tsongkapa(i) Ling shall be
        changed to Kyosang Rinpoche Buddhist Center
        left the same
        other (specify)
3. Type the name of the person whom you wish to elect as the new director of Je Tsongkapa(i) Ling 

Email voting form (pdf)



Dear friends,

we invite all of you to the meeting of Rinpoche’s disciples. The meeting will be held on Sunday (August 3rd) at 6pm at the new home of Je Tsongkapa(i) Ling.

Everyone who has ever received oral teachings from Rinpoche or given lectures at Je Tsongkapa(i) Ling may take part at the meeting and shall have one vote.


Liebe Freunde,

Wir laden alle zur Versammlung von Rinpoche’s Schuelern ein. Die Versammlung findet am 3. August um 18 Uhr statt. Jeder der (wenn auch nur einmal) Rinpoche gehoert hat oder im Buddhistischen Institut unterricht gegeben hat, darf zur Versammlung kommen und abstimmen.


One on Rinpoche’s Asian disciples who prefers to stay unnamed composed the following prayer:





Khenpo Kyosang Zangpo, Thou have disappeared
In the Pure Realm. Left without consolation,
All Thy sorrowful disciples
Now sing this mournful song and pray:

Please leave Thy blissful Nirvana,
Please develop again Thy activities for the sake of others,
Please appear again in Thy glory, encourage us with Thy love, power and wisdom,
As soon as possible.


We had a source
Of consolation, faith, and wisdom true,
We are now bereft of all the three.
The ship that went so far along its course
Has crashed, those who survived are too few.
Deep is the sea of our misery.

“You cannot win the fight
With paganism and lies of our days,
This foe of yours is strong and never dies.
But struggle with all your might”.
The Captain said. “Death better than disgrace.”
We truly will remember his advice.



Rinpoche-la has passed into nirvana today, during the course of meditation.

A celebration of His life with a group of His disciples will take place this weekend.


Rinpoche-la verliess uns heute, am 31. Juli 2014, unerwartet, aber sehr ruhig ging Er ins Nirvana ein.

Die Gedenkfeier findet am Sonntag statt.


This interview was given by Rinpoche on July 9th to His disciples at the new home of Je Tsongkapa(i) Ling. We publish only its “open” part. The answers are slightly edited, as Rinpoche-la used German, French and Tibetan words.

Question: Rinpoche-la, why did you resolve to absolve your silent retreat?

Rinpoche: To answer your questions. But not such as this one. Please try again.

Q: Does a God exist?

R: “God” is simply a word you may use or not. Many cruel things were made to please a “God” who, people thought, thinks and feels like them. It was not the God that created Man. It was rather us who created the “God”, it is, the concept of a personal and almighty God.

Q: And the concept is wrong, you say? Why?

R: You don’t need to ask me. Please read Nagarjuna, he explains brilliantly, why a personal almighty God cannot exist.

Q: Is there still anything which we may call “God” or, let us say, a “Divine Principle”?

R: There surely is “something” you may call so. We Buddhists use other words, but you may use the words you like more. Our old texts say, there truly is an “unshakable unshakability”, the suchness. I don’t know whether my translation is good enough. But this is too profound a question to be answered in few words.

Q: If such a Divine principle does exist, why do terrible things happen? I believe, there were also children who died in the crash of MH17. Why should they die?

R: Children under seven years die of many special causes. I cannot name you all the causes. In fact, I had better not to name you them at all. You won’t believe me.

Q: Let us try?

R: As you please. Some children were nagas in their previous lives. Such children differ from other children. They want to continue their cycle of births in the world of nagas. Yet they want to get “some new experience”. Some of them are therefore incarnated as human beings for the length of one life. They soon get tired of our world. Our world is a cruel place. They want to stop their human life. They don’t want to live this long human life to the end. They actually want to die, but they do not want to commit a suicide. So they die in accident or of a disease. Everyone who dies in accident has wanted to die. I don’t mean this actual life. The person might want to die in his previous life. Or he might kill another person at the same age he dies in accident. Does it seem credible, what I have just said? I told you so.

Q: What shall we be most afraid of in our spiritual life?

R: There is not a single “what”, there are many things you shall be afraid of in your life. Try not to use terms like “spiritual life”. There is absolutely nothing which is not spiritual. Do not separate spirit and matter. Even if you try to kill someone, the process is “spiritual” in some sense. One of things you shall be afraid of is hypocrisy. Another one is selfishness. They combine. Your question about the crash of MH17 shows, how they combine. Children in Asia and Africa are dying everyday in greater numbers. Some are dying right now. Did you ever care for their deaths? Some of them die of diseases, others of starvation. It depends on you to change it. If all of you sold your iPads, many of them would survive. You surely will spend your money to save children in Holland. I am not certain, whether you will do the same for children in Asia.

Another thing you shall avoid is cowardice. I am not sure if I use the correct word. Cowardice means to give up. Not to fight any longer. We have to fight with your obscurations, of cause, they are our main enemy. But there also exist external forces which create conditions for obscurations. Most of us try to avoid “confrontations”. This is what I call cowardice.

Q: We know that Putin is a tyrant but we continue to buy Russian gas. Is this a correct example?

R: This is an example for your wrong views, not for cowardice. You believe that you cannot trade with Putin or someone like him because he “suppresses freedom” in his country and so on. But you see, the freedoms you enjoy are not genuine. The freedom to have a gay as a bishop is not a freedom I personally wish to enjoy. You may call Putin an emperor, a king. But being a king is not a crime in itself. It were kings who gave very rich donations to Buddha Shakyamuni and His Sangha. Do you believe a buddha could get rich donations in Europe of today? I doubt of it. Of what use are your freedoms, if they let a buddha starve?

Q: Why cannot a homosexual be a good priest or bishop?

R: Because he denies his own religion. You see, I am not going to argue with you. You may believe that you understand Christianity better than Jesus did and that you may therefore reform it. Such a Christianity is not Christianity any longer. The Tibetan word for Christianity is yeshooy choe, “religion of Jesus”. So it is Jesus who decides what is good and what is bad, not you. If Gerard decides, what is good, this is Gerardanity, not Christianity, If Valerie decides, what is good, it is Valerianity, not Christianity. Valerianity as a religion may have gay bishops, if Valerie wants so. Don’t use Christian symbols and Christian churches in this case. Invent other symbols, build other churches. This will be honest.

Q: Rinpoche-la, may we ever win the struggle with the lies of this world?

R: You hardly can win this struggle. This enemy never dies. But fight, if you can. Giving up is dishonorable.

Q: The confrontation between the West and the East, between USA and Russia seems nowadays to go a little bit too far. Is it not better to avoid this confrontation, to show a considerable “cowardice”, rather than experience a nuclear war?

R: This is a good question, but asked by someone who absolutely cannot avoid anything. I didn’t mean to insult you. But, you see, you live in Europe, you are a European, so how can you avoid stopping a war? I am very sorry to say that Europe never stopped a single war. It is money which counts. You believe the Russian president to be a tyrant. Do not sell to him the war ships, then. But no, you cannot afford to lose your money. I know, it is not you who decide. You believe that Mr… Mr… I forgot the name of your president, can you fancy? (He laughs.) François Hollande, yes. You may accuse him, you may believe another person at his place to act more “peacefully”. But you absolutely cannot elect such a person. Not a single person who truly prefers to lose money instead of lives will ever be chosen, will ever become a candidate. So what sense does make to ask whether you should avoid a war?

Q: What will become of Europe?

R: Europe of today looks like an old woman who used to be beautiful. To tell the truth, I, too, am an old man. I believe I shall not live till the day of Je Tsongkapa’s Parinirvana. I wonder if Europe will. I don’t say that everything here suddenly collapses. But new states may appear, other states may cease to exist.

Q: Will it happen before the day of parinirvana of Je Tsongkapa? Is this a prophecy?

R: No. I simply wander what happens.

Q: Rinpoche-la, we know for certain that you have many times communicated with non-human beings. Can you please tell us, what these beings have said to you?

R: I certainly communicated with non-human beings. With cows, for example. Do you like the grass you eat? I asked. The cow answered nothing. Do you guess, why? Because a cow cannot speak.

Some of you waited and are still waiting for some secret teachings and even miracles. I am not a miracle-worker. I am not a prophet. The most sublime miracles proceed in your hearts. They never look like miracles in films about Harry Potter. Pleas try to keep it in mind.




This is the site of Je Tsongkapa(i) Ling Buddhist College, founded by Ven. Khenpo Kyosang Rinpoche, a famous teacher of Dharma, a high lama of Tibetan Buddhism of Gelug lineage. (Our old mirror-site is now closed.)

The aim of this site is:
1 to invite to our studies (young) people who have a serious interest in Buddha’s Dharma and genuinely want to work for the enlightenment of all living beings;
2 to find sponsors and donators who want to support a famous teacher of Buddhism in Europe.

Je Tsongkapa(i) Ling is a Buddhist College, a retreat centre and a small monastery at the same time. Five close disciples, among them two ordained monks, live with Rinpoche constantly and care for His personal needs. The College also provides a “Buddhist teacher training” program, which includes traditional disciplines of a Buddhist monastic institute, such as Lamrim (steps to enlightenment), Prajnyaparamita (wisdom sutras), Pramana (logic), Madhyamaka (the “middle way” philosophy), Abhidharma (the “higher” philosophy of Buddhism) and Vinaya (“vowed morality”) as well as classes in meditation, tantra and ritual.

The College was situated in Alsace (France) until recent. Now we have moved to Germany.


The College doesn’t award any formal diplomas of high education to its graduates, for Rinpoche always says that the knowledge of the Holy Dharma and its applying in our everyday life is still far more important than any certificates. The main cause of Rinpoche’s avoiding formal diplomas is His wish to separate true altruistic students from people who wish to become a Buddhist education aiming his own selfish interests.

The studies are free, but we expect, that you pay for your board and lodging. Your donations are EXTREMELY welcome, too. Somebody must pay for Rinpoche’s hard work as well as care for His needs, and if you won’t do it, anybody else will have to donate twice more.

To enter the College you must pass an examination (usually it is an essay, written to a topic, chosen by Rinpoche). Female students are welcome as well. Your engagement in politics can be a serious obstacle for your studies.

You must also be ready to share your room with another student(s), to give up alcohol and sexual activities. Some of our students live here, others come only for the lessons.

The length of your studies may vary, it depends only on your personal motivation and efforts. Usually, it takes 3 years to cover all the subjects and to pass final exams.

At the end of your education, you can (at your own free wish) take vows of a novice monk (getsul) and be ordained. We hope that you will take bodhisattva vows after graduating from the College.

You can learn the schedule of classes and the way you can enter the College and get here, if you write at This is MY email, so I will read your mail first.

You also may write your short messages at +34 973 90 24 81. I will answer You as soon as I can. Please NO CALLS! Let silence reign in our college.

Khenpo Kyosang Rinpoche’s secretary,
Ludwig Roemer


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