The general meetings of Je Tsongkapay Ling Buddhist College, held on March 3, 2017 in Saarbrücken, has resolved

    1. that Je Tsongkapay Ling Buddhist College and the International Community of Kyosang Rinpoche’s Friends shall merge into one organization,
    2. that the name of the aforesaid organization shall be Je Tsongkapay Ling Buddhist College,
    3. that Je Tsongkapay Ling Buddhist College in its capacity as a charity company shall be regarded as an international community of Kyosang Rinpoche’s friends and followers,
    4. that individuals and organizations who declare their agreement with the Moral Guidelines may apply for membership,
    5. that Ms Marie Senet, Mr Christian Lauer, and Mr Jan Früchtenicht shall be elected as directors,
    6. that all professors, lecturers, and fellows of Je Tsongkapay ling Buddhist College properly elected or appointed constitute its Academic Board,
    7. that the Academic Board of Je Tsongkapay Ling Buddhist College shall have full power to resolve all academic, spiritual and religious questions which are to be resolved in order to accomplish company’s goals,
    8. that the position of Vice-Chancellor shall be created,
    9. that the Vice-Chancellor shall be elected permanently and may be dismissed by the general meeting,
    10. that the Vice-Chancellor shall chair the Academic Board and have a casting vote in the case of an equality of votes,
    11. and that Mr Ludwig Roemer shall be elected as Vice-Chancellor.