by the Academic Board,
held on January 20, 2017

The Academic Board has elaborated the guidelines according to which any graduate of Je Tsongkapay Ling Buddhist College or even a person with no previous relation to the College may be recognized as a Western Buddhist teacher.

These guidelines are as follows:

[1] The person in question must have an academic degree in Buddhist studies.

[2] He or she must keep at least one type of Buddhist Pratimoksha vows.

[3] He or she must have a Dharma experience (which means engaging in Buddhist practices) of at least ten years.

[4] He or she must have spiritual disciples, i.e. persons who regard him or her as their teacher.

[5] He or she must have completed a monastic/ascetic retirement of a considerable duration.

[6] He or she must receive teachings, blessings, initiations, or empowerments from
trustworthy Buddhist teachers.

[7] He or she must author at least one book that explains Dharma or otherwise concerns Buddhist subjects.

[8] He or she must be active in spreading Dharma in his or her country.

Meeting even all of the aforesaid criteria does not guarantee applicant’s recognition as a Western Buddhist teacher. At the same time, special achievements or activities of the applicant may lead to his or her recognition even regardless of his or her failure to meet all the criteria mentioned above.

To receive a recognition, the candidate must submit his or her application, including all necessary proofs and statements (such as certificates, testimonies of witnesses, books and articles etc.). He or she is also expected to give a donation of GBP 100. This fee may be diminished for monks and nuns.

An application form will be sent to you at your request.

To receive an application form please contact us.