Foundation Programme of Buddhist Studies

The Foundation Programme is an in-depth study program of seventeen units, which are as follows:

General Courses

A1 Early Buddhism
A2 Buddhism Worldwide
A3 Buddhism in Europe
A4 Women in Buddhism
A5 Tibetan Buddhist Schools
A6 Comparative Study of Buddhism and Christianity
A7 Buddhist Non-Sectarian Ethics

Special Courses

B1 Lam Rim 1
B2 Lam Rim 2
B3 Lam Rim 3
B4 Tibetan Language
B5 Vinaya
B6 Madhyamaka
B7 Pramana
B8 Prajna Paramita
B9 Abhidharma
B10 Applied Meditation

Download Foundation Programme Curriculum 2014.

Graduates from the Programme are awarded a Foundation Diploma.


Studying Courses Separately

It is also possible to study one or more courses separately. Completion certificates are provided upon their successful completion.