The Buddhist Missionary Programme

The Buddhist Missionary Programme (this title roughly corresponds to a Bachelor degree, but may not be regarded as such), introduced by the Academic Council since late 2016, is an in-depth study program of seventeen units, which are as follows:

General Courses

C1 The King of Prayers of Excellent Conduct
C2 The Garland of Views by Padmasambhava
C3 Exchanging Self and Others
C4 Emptiness of the Four Schools
C5 Seventy-Six Short Instructions by Ven. Kyosang Rinpoche
C6 Introduction to Tantra

Special Courses

D1 Vinaya Intermediate
D2 Madhyamaka Intermediate
D3 Pramana Intermediate
D4 Prajna Paramita Intermediate
D5 Abhidharma Intermediate

Optional Courses

(Students have to complete at least three of the optional courses in order to qualify for their diploma.)

E1 Ethics in Schopenhauer and Buddhism
E2 The Identity Problem in Buddhist Ethics
E3 Buddhist Manuscript Cultures: Knowledge, Ritual, and Art
E4 Buddhist Philosophy and the Ideals of Environmentalism
E5 Precepts and Lineage in Chan Tradition
E6 Vietnamese Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices

Upon the successful completion of six general, five special, and at least three optional units you are also expected to provide and to defend your thesis containing at least 50 pages.

Graduates from the Programme are awarded a Missionary Diploma.

A Honorary Buddhist Missionary status may be claimed and achieved by persons who partially meet the criteria of recognition, elaborated for Buddhist teachers, but cannot be qualified as such. To learn more, please contact us.


It is also possible to study one or more courses separately. Completion certificates are provided upon their successful completion.